What is an Update?

An update consists of any modification, addition, or deletion of verbiage (including images) to/from your site.

Examples include: (but not limited to)

  • Changing contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, mailing address)
  • Updating Memberships and/or Affiliations
  • Adding new content to your site
  • Deleting outdated or obsolete information

Additional fees may apply when:

  • Selecting a design for your site that is not one of our templates
  • Choosing a new template after your site is live
  • Submitting content through non-electronic means (mail or fax)
  • When requesting custom programming (such as database programming)
  • Update exceeds one (1) hour allotment (if Client has selected Basic template package)

NOTE: Content is added as provided. Please proofread your work before you submit it as we are not responsible for typos or grammatical errors.