Remove Humidity From The Home Ė Your Health Depends On It

It is critical to remove humidity from your home. Humid air isnít just uncomfortable, it can be damaging to your property as well as your health. Dangerous molds can quickly grow in an environment that is too damp. When you have too much humidity in the house, your furniture can warp and your clothing can have mildew. Your carpet and upholstery will always feel damp and your bedding can have a smell of mildew too. Humidity removal will not allow toxic mold to grow as prevalently.

Mold is actually a vegetative growth, not dirty and isnít a reflection of your house cleaning abilities. Mold spores exist everywhere and can grow when there is some dampness for them to persist. If the relative humidity in the air is between 70 and 98% you have a perfect condition for molds to grow. You wonít have mildew and odors occur in your home with less humidity. Your wood furniture and baseboards etc. wonít rot. There are a host of other reasons to remove humid air and why you need to ensure you donít have excess moisture in your house, basement, attic, crawl space, or anywhere around the house. Water can seep in from leaks, toilets, showers, and a high level of activity can create high humidity in the home.

Humidity removal doesnít have to be hard or complicated. If you check out one of the many dehumidifiers that are on the market, they should do the trick. Although condensation forming on windows may not be a constant problem in your house, excess moisture in the air is long term and no dehumidifier will take care of it in just a few days. However, over a period of weeks you will notice that mold spots dry up and can easily be removed, damp areas will dry out, there will be no more mold on shoes, clothes or bedding. You may also need more venting for the bathrooms and kitchen. A good bathroom exhaust fan will quickly remove moisture from one of the dampest places in the house. If your crawl space is moist and humid, here is another place you might need more venting and dehumidification.

Usually humidity is a problem in the summer months, depending on your geographical location. You will want to use your dehumidifier all the time; especially in a basement or attic. Your air conditioner wonít do the trick. It will only make the damp air cooler and you will feel a little better, but everyone knows that feeling of just feeling tacky and damp in the summer. There is still too much moisture in the air. Take the time to search out the type of dehumidification you need in your home. You will be healthier and your home will stay safer from damaging mold and mildew.

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By Beverly Marshall